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Universal Inclinometer

Universal Inclinometer #19UI
$62.00 / each
The Universal Inclinometer replaces the goniometer for quick and easy measurements.The inclinometer is fluid dampened to permit fast, accurate readings without waiting for oscillations to damp out. The inclinometer is easily adjusted to zero at the initial position so the final reading is the range of motion. A short base is provided for measuring curved surfaces like the spine.

A long base works well for placement on long flat surfaces such as the arm (when measuring elbow range of motion) or the leg (when measuring knee range of motion). The long arm is also easy to grasp for measurements such as wrist rotation and shoulder rotation.

When measuring the extremities one inclinometer is sufficient. When measuring the spine the two inclinometer method (dual inclinometry) is preferred

Using the Universal Inclinometer to measure the spine:The examiner palpates two points on the spine. Example: for lumbar flexion, S1 and T12.
  • The patient is instructed to stand erect. The inclinometers are placed (centered) on the two palpation points and zeroed.
  • The patient is instructed to slowly bend forward to end range. The reading on each inlcinometer is recorded.
  • The top inclinometer measures TOTAL flexion, the bottom inclinometer measures SACRAL flexion. Total flexion minus scaral flexion is TRUE flexion.
  • True flexion is the measurement usually needed.
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