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Ultimate Hand Helper for Hand Therapy

Ultimate Hand Helper for Hand Therapy#HH4300
$19.95 / each
The Ultimate Hand Helper hand exerciser is a uniquely designed product that enables users to strengthen, condition, restore and maintain healthy muscles and joints in their hands, fingers and forearms. The easy-to-use exerciser plays a key role in helping users gently increase strength and dexterity, improve joint mobility and reduce or prevent the debilitating symptoms related to repetitive stress and strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Ultimate Hand Helper assists with gentle exercise and strengthening hands, fingers and forearms. Additionally, using the Hand Helper:
  • Improves circulation and flexibility
  • Relieves joint stiffness and pain
  • Mobility in the hands
  • Gradual increased strength using controlled resistance
Ultimate Hand Helper Hand Exerciser Features:
  • Contoured, padded handle gently supports the palm for unparalleled comfort
  • Easy-to-change color-coded, elastic bands customize the amount of resistance to accurately gauge a user's progress, and give positive reinforcement
  • Designed and manufactured for comfort and ease-of-use
  • Designed to isolate the mobility of selected tendon and joint movements to vary muscle interactions and improve overall function
  • Range limiting clips adjust fit for various hand sizes and limits range-of-motion for controlled exercise
  • Color-coded elastic bands allow for infinite levels of resistance
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