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Theraband Aquatic Hand Bars- Light, 10"x1" Cap

SKU: HYG40050
Theraband Aquatic Hand Bars- Light, 10"x1" Cap (pair) #40050
$24.95 / pair
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Theraband Aquatic Hand Bars contain 2 round foam floats connected by a padded handle that look like free weights used on land. Hand Bars are designed for use during independent aquatic exercise programs or in group programs. The foam floats provide resistance as the Hand Bars are moved under the water, enhancing upper body strength and range of motion. They are also used to increase flexibility and strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles Theraband Hand Bars are supplied in three levels of resistance and buoyancy in the water. Sold in pairs, all three sizes are color-coded and have padded handles for added comfort during use.
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