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Supine C-Trax Cervical Traction Device

Supine C-Trax Cervical Traction Device #32ST
$39.99 / each
The innovative Supine C-Trax is a physical therapist-designed cervical traction system for optimal supine positioning and comfortable intermittent traction force. Using any door frame, the Supine C-Trax is quickly and easily set up; positioning into cervical flexion or extension is also as effortless. Furthermore, the one-of-a-kind intermittent traction attachment allows the clinician a choice of intermittent or static distraction. To securely hold the cervical halter, the uniquely designed spreader bar eliminates the common problem of slippage. Also standard with the Supine C-Trax is a 20lb (9kg) water weight bag. Can help alleviate Neck Pain
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