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Touch-Test Hand Kit, 5 Monofilaments

SKU: NC12772
Touch-Test Hand Kit, 5 Monofilaments #NC12772
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Evaluate both Diminishing and Returning Sensation

Use these evaluators to test sensory levels and obtain objective data for accurate reporting on the status of diminishing or returning sensibility. Touch-Test Sensory Evaluators are individually calibrated within a 5% standard deviation of a predetermined level of force. The monofilament bends when peak force threshold is reached.

The unique handle easily opens to a 90 degrees angle for testing. When closed, the Sensory Evaluator can be carried safely in a pocket or carrying case, protecting the monofilament when not in use. Finger indentations on the handle provide a firm, comfortable hold. The Sensory Evaluator handles are marked with the corresponding color-coded pressure level.

Evaluation results can be recorded on the Hand or Foot Screening Forms (NC12750-1 and NC12749), sold separately. Thresholds include normal sensation, diminished light touch, diminished protective sensation, loss of protective sensation and deep pressure sensation only.

Available in a 5 Piece Hand Kit, a 6 Piece Foot Kit and a 20 Piece Full Kit. Each kit comes in a protective case. U.S. Patent 5,823,969.

These portable sensory evaluators are calibrated to within a 5% standard deviation of each target force.
  • NC12772: 5 Piece Monofilaments; Touch-Test Hand Kit: (2.83, 3.61, 4.31, 4.56, 6.65)

Touch-Tests Specifications & Application
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