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Parabath 6 Lbs Paraffin Bath

SKU: HYG24050
Parabath 6 Lbs Paraffin Bath #24050
$189.00 / each
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  • Help treat muscular and joint-pain with the soothing Parabath Paraffin Bath.
  • It is the ideal therapeutic aid for treating pain due to arthritis, joint stiffness, sports-related injuries and even dry skin.
  • The Paraffin Bath provides a comfortable, moist heat to the affected area you need to treat.
  • Its functional design makes immersing hand and wrist, foot and ankle or elbow simple and manageable.
  • Parabath Paraffin Bath is made of impact resistance ABS material with a stainless steel tank and provides soothing moist heat to warm joints.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 125 degreesF to 134 degreesF.
  • Includes 6 lbs. unscented paraffin.
  • Tank Dimensions (LxWxH): 12" X 6" X 6"
  • Paraffin capacity= 6 lbs.
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