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Palpation Meter (PALM)

Palpation Meter (PALM) #PALM
$213.75 / each
The Objective Way to Perform Skeletal Alignment Evaluations

The PALM combines the ease and proprioceptive advantages of palpation with the objectivity and reliability of caliper and inclinometer measurements.
  • The caliper determines the distance in centimeters between the two palpating fingers.
  • The inclinometer determines the inclination in degrees between the two palpating fingers.
A unique slide rule calculator gives you the height discrepancy between the two landmarks palpated in both centimeters and inches.

A Typical Use: Differentiating between a Functional and a Structural Short Leg. The PALM will help you differentiate what part of the leg length inequality is structural and what part is functional.
  • Measurement of the iliac crest heights in the standing position determines if there is a relative height difference.
  • Measurement of the iliac crest's relative heights in the seated position removes height discrepancies due to lower extremity asymmetrics.
Other Uses: Determining height discrepancies at landmarks. The PALM allows you to determine skeletal asymmetry and then locate the point of asymmetry by making measurements at various landmarks like: Medial Malleoli, Fibular Heads, AC Joints, Mastoid Processes, Gluteal Folds

One of three types of palpation tips can be selected depending on the shape and location of landmarks.
  • Pointed tips for palpation of visual landmarks or marks applied to the skin.
  • L tips for palpation of bony ledges.
  • O tips for palpation of landmarks directly with finger tips.
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