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Living with CTD (Cummulative Trauma Disorder)

Living with C.T.D. (Cummulative Trauma Disorder) by Lauren Andrew Hebert, PT, OCS #IMP155
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Living with C.T.D. (Cummulative Trauma Disorder) is a complete patient education handbook that addresses recovery from cumulative trauma disorders, such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and chronic neck pain. Living with C.T.D. (Cummulative Trauma Disorder). discusses the full range of C.T.D. (Cummulative Trauma Disorder) issues, risk factors, complications and recovery strategies. Living with C.T.D. (Cummulative Trauma Disorder) teaches and motivates the C.T.D. (Cummulative Trauma Disorder) patient to take charge of their own recovery. Patients learn about the anatomy and patho-mechanics of Neck-Arm C.T.D. (Cummulative Trauma Disorder) Treatment and rehabilitation strategies are explained in an easy to understand manner. 34 pages
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