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Occupational Skill Assessment Test Battery

SKU: LAF32604
Lafayette Occupational Skill Assessment Test Battery for Dexterity Evaluation #32604
$2895.00 / each
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This battery is used to measure the progress in rehabilitation and return-to-work capability of individuals performing jobs/tasks that require manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, steadiness and perceptual motor skills. Placement personnel and human resource departments can gpretest a job applicant's suitability for assembly and other jobs where frequent manipulation of objects in confined spaces is required.
  • 1832011 Steadiness Tester, Hole Type
  • 1832020 Purdue Pegboard Test
  • 1832022 O'Connor Tweezers Test
  • 1832023 Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
  • 1832026 Roeder Manipulative Aptitude Test
  • 1832521 Hand Tool Dexterity Test
  • 1832532 Two-Arm Coordination Test
  • 1858024A Auto-Scoring Mirror Tracer
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