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Lafayette Modified Sit & Reach Flexibility Tester

SKU: LAF01285B
Lafayette Modified Sit & Reach Flexibility Tester #01285B
$299.00 / each
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The standard sit and reach test will test the maximum flexibility of the back attainable without undue strain on the back muscles. The subject sits with legs straight and feet flat against the front panel. The subject reaches forward, moving the slide bar to maximum reach. The flexibility of the back muscles can indicate the tasks or movements the back is capable of performing. The Sit and Reach Flexibility Test is a highly accurate and valid method of measuring back flexibility.

The unit is durable, yet lightweight and conveniently disassembles for easy transportation and storage. The top is a platform scale containing an auto-zero slide arm that extends more than 16 inches. The rule is marked in 1/2 inch increments up to 23 inches, and in centimeters to 59cm.
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