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Chattanooga TX Traction System

Chattanooga TX Traction System #4759
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Eliminates hours of set-up, uncomfortable head halters and TMJ pressure. Unit pulls at base of occipivot for more effective horizontal or unilateral traction. One size fits all. Adapts to all Chattanooga and most other traction units.

Note: This accessory requires attachment to an existing traction machine.
  • Digital Touch Screen Interface
  • 270 degrees Pivoting Interface
  • Patient Pain Mapping
  • Patient Data Card records pre- and post-treatment pain profiles, treatment session information and patient information
  • 10 user-defined protocols
  • Real-time digital treatment tracking
  • User-defined Hold, Rest and Treatment times
  • Intermittent, Static and Cyclic traction programs
  • Progressive and Regressive settings
  • Traction tension parameters 0 - 200 lbs.
  • Built-in safety features ?Patient Interrupt Switch
  • Cervical maximum poundage warning
  • Audible signal at end of treatment or when Patient Interrupt Switch is activated
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