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Bi-Level Inclinometer

Bi-Level Inclinometer #BLI
$149.95 / each
The Bi-Level Inclinometer is a precision measuring instrument for measuring Range of Motion of all joints of the body from Complex movements of the spine, large joints of the extremities to the small joints of fingers and toes. It is pre-calibrated and indicates gravity automatically so that starting positions can be accurately measured and visually assessed.
  • Accurate ball-bearing inclinometer for smooth action.
  • Simple and durable.
  • Large numbers for easy reading on both sides of the dial.
  • Automatic indication of gravity at 90 degrees stops for consistent starting position.
  • See through rotating dial for zeroing in any position.
  • Centimeter scale on base for functional measurements of thumb.
  • Adjustable legs for proper stabilization on any part of the body, including fingers and toes.
  • Measures all joints for the body quickly and accurately.
  • Ergonomic shape of the housing connection to the base allows holding the instrument between two fingers of one hand, leaving the thumb and the 4th and 5th digits free for stabilization of the inclinometer on the body.
  • 2 adjustable legs for superior stabilization on the head and spine, and measuring small joints of fingers and toes
  • A channel in the base for quick insertion of a telescopic extender for consistent positioning and accurate measurement of large joints of the extremities, or attachment to other instruments such as X-ray scales, postural and alignment devices, calipers, animal measuring devices and others.
  • Supplied with a telescopic extender
  • CE Certified
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