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BROM II- Back Range of Motion Instrument

BROM II- Back Range of Motion Instrument #BROM
$449.00 / each
Standardized protocol minimizes chance of examiner error. Instructional video is provided. Examiner holds the rib cage for positive tracking of rotation and lateral flexion movements. True flexion/extension measurements are made without first making total and pelvic flexion/ extension measurements. Fluid-damped inclinometers permit fast, accurate readings without waiting for oscillations to damp out. A compass allows rotation measurements to be made in preferred upright position. The flexion/extension unit is held securely on the patient with Velcro straps eliminating any movement relative to the patient during examination. The flexion/extension unit, a modified inclinometer, eliminates the need for relocation during measurements. The BROM II eliminates the positioning, zeroing and tracking errors associated with stand-alone inclinometers. Comes complete with manual, typical values, instructional video and zippered protective case.

Can be used to perform the following measurements:
  • Flexion and extension
  • Rotation
  • Lateral flexion
  • Pelvic tilt
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