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Therapy Putty

Therapy PuttyTherapy Putty used for Hand Exercises, helps in rehabilitation of fingers, hands, and forearms. Molds to hand shape. Excellent for hand and forearm muscles. Color Coded for Firmness as follows:

Add to Cart#085074..... Therapy Putty 4 oz- Yellow: Soft: $6.95

Add to Cart#085075..... Therapy Putty 4 oz- Red: Medium Soft: $6.95

Add to Cart#085076..... Therapy Putty 4 oz- Green: Medium: $6.95

Add to Cart#085077..... Therapy Putty 4 oz- Blue: Firm: $6.95

Add to Cart#085071-01..... Therapy Putty 1 Lb- Yellow: Soft: $19.95

Add to Cart#085071-99-01..... Therapy Putty 1 Lb- Red: Medium Soft: $19.95

Add to Cart#085072-01..... Therapy Putty 1 Lb- Green: Medium: $19.95

Add to Cart#085073-01..... Therapy Putty 1Lb - Blue: Firm: $19.95

Add to Cart#085071-05..... Therapy Putty 5 Lb- Yellow: Soft: $74.95

Add to Cart#085071-99-05..... Therapy Putty 5 Lb- Red: Medium Soft: $74.95

Add to Cart#085072-05..... Therapy Putty 5 Lb- Green: Medium: $74.95

Add to Cart#085073-05..... Therapy Putty 5 Lb - Blue: Firm: $74.95

Cando Microwaveable Therapy PuttyCando Microwaveable Therapy Putty

This formula allows the putty to be heated in the microwave, resulting in a combination of soothing heat and exercise in one. Resistance increases as the putty cools. In addition, the pleasurable tactile feel of the putty works as a great stress reduction medium.

Add to Cart#10-2710..... Cando Microwaveable Putty – 2oz, Orange- Soft: $7.20

Add to Cart#10-2720..... Cando Microwaveable Putty – 2 oz, Blue- Firm: $7.20

Add to Cart#10-2714..... Cando Microwaveable Putty – 1 lb, Orange- Soft: $42.75

Add to Cart#10-2724..... Cando Microwaveable Putty – 1 lb, Blue- Firm: $42.75

Add to Cart#10-2715..... Cando Microwaveable Putty - 5 lbs, Orange- Soft: $166.50

Add to Cart#10-2725..... Cando Microwaveable Putty – 5 lbs, Blue- Firm: $166.50

EggsercizerEggsercizer® Hand Exerciser

A hand exerciser that's ergonomically shaped.

Designed to fit the contours of your hand, the Eggsercizer has a shape and feel that patients love. Four densities are available for strengthening programs.

Add to Cart#121884..... Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser- Orange: X-Soft: $8.57

Add to Cart#121885..... Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser- Green: Soft: $8.57

Add to Cart#121886..... Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser- Blue: Medium: $8.57

Add to Cart#121887..... Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser- Purple: Firm: $8.57

Cando® Web- Finger Flexion, Extension, and Wrist Exerciser

Cando WebRehab and Strengthen the fingers, wrist, and forearm. Flexion, extension, opposition and supination exercises can be performed using the Cando® exercise web. Resistance may be modified by adjusting the hand position, depth of finger insertion, or by moving to a different resistance (color) web. The Cando® exercise web is available in both the standard 14" diameter size and the small 7" diameter size in low-powder formulation.

SMALL SIZE 7" (18 cm)

Add to Cart#10-0861..... Cando Web 7"- Yellow; X-Light: $19.95

Add to Cart#10-0862..... Cando Web 7"- Red; Light: $19.95

Add to Cart#10-0863..... Cando Web 7"- Green; Medium: $19.95

Add to Cart#10-0864..... Cando Web 7"- Blue; Heavy: $19.95

Add to Cart#10-0865..... Cando Web 7"- Black; X-Heavy: $19.95

LARGE SIZE 14" (36 cm)

Add to Cart#10-0851..... Cando Web 14"- Yellow; X-Light: $26.95

Add to Cart#10-0852..... Cando Web 14"- Red; Light:$26.95

Add to Cart#10-0853..... Cando Web 14"- Green; Medium:$26.95

Add to Cart#10-0854..... Cando Web 14"- Blue; Heavy: $26.95

Add to Cart#10-0855..... Cando Web 14"- Black; X-Heavy: $26.95

Cando WebCando WebMulti-Resistance Web SIZE 14" (36 cm)

Add to Cart#10-0857..... Cando Web 14"- Yellow / Green: $31.50

Add to Cart#10-0859..... Cando Web 14"- Red / Blue: $31.50

Cando Digi Extend Finger ExerciserCando® Digi-Extend® Finger Exerciser

The Digi-Extend® is a unique therapy device that can isolate the extension of all five fingers and each of the individual finger joints. The product strengthens the intrinsic and extrinsic muscle groups to maximize extensor tendon gliding, joint motion, coordination and muscle function in the hand and forearm. The Digi-Extend® can also be used for finger adduction, abduction, blocking and flexion exercises. Four color-coded band resistance levels. For rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, arthritis, stroke, fractures, tendon injury, nerve lacerations, tennis elbow and more.

Digi-Extend package includes: 5 Tan (xx-light), 4 Yellow (x-light), 3 Red (light), and 2 Green (medium) latex-free elastic bands and an illustrated pamphlet.

Additional Bands for Digi-Extend: 5 each of Tan, Yellow, Red, Green & Blue

Add to Cart#10-0775..... Cando Digi-Extend Package: $22.50

Add to Cart#10-1855..... Additional Bands for Digi-Extend: $6.75

Ultimate Hand Helper

Ultimate Hand HelperThe Ultimate Hand Helper® hand exerciser is a uniquely designed product that enables users to strengthen, condition, restore and maintain healthy muscles and joints in their hands, fingers and forearms. The easy-to-use exerciser plays a key role in helping users gently increase strength and dexterity, improve joint mobility and reduce or prevent the debilitating symptoms related to repetitive stress and strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Ultimate Hand Helper assists with gentle exercise and strengthening hands, fingers and forearms. Additionally, using the Hand Helper:

Ultimate Hand Helper Hand Exerciser Features:

Add to Cart#HH4300..... Ultimate Hand Helper; SALE: $17.95

ProHands and Digi-Flex Hand/Finger Exercisers ProHands & DigiFlex Hand Exercisers