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Overhead Shoulder Pulleys / Ankle Exerciser

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RangeMaster™- Overhead shoulder pulley

RangeMaster™- Overhead shoulder pulleyRangeMaster™- Overhead shoulder pulleyRangeMaster™- Overhead shoulder pulleyRangeMaster™ is the high quality, low cost shoulder pulley with several innovative features. Included is a comprehensive exercise guide with extensive exercise options, patient-preferred wood handles, an easily adjustable line length, a custom nylon-roller pulley that wont squeak, and a compact, portable door bracket.

Add to Cart#32RMB..... RangeMaster™ with Metal Bracket: $16.99

Add to Cart#32RMS..... RangeMaster™ with Web Strap: $16.99

Pull-EZ™- Overhead shoulder pulley providing a grip-free hold

Pull-EZ™- Overhead shoulder pulleyPull-EZ™- Overhead shoulder pulleyGripping handles during routine shoulder pulley exercise causes overflow of muscle tension into the shoulder, limiting exercise effectiveness. Pul-Ez with its patented grip-free hold and pillow-soft foam wrist-support system helps eliminate this overflow, translating into more effective exercise. Appropriate for orthopedic patients as well as the neurologically impaired. Included is a comprehensive patient exercise guide with extensive exercise options, a custom nylon-roller pulley and a compact, portable door bracket .

Add to Cart#32PE..... Pull-EZ™ with Metal Bracket: $19.99

RangeMaster Shoulder KitRangeMaster ™ Shoulder Kit

RangeMaster™ Shoulder Kit includes everything a patient needs to start a home rehabilitation program for their injured shoulder. RangeMaster™ shoulder kit components all conveniently fit inside a drawstring bag. Each product includes its own Exercise Guide.

Kit includes the following 3 devices:

RangeMasterRangeMaster™. RESTORE Range of Motion with RangeMaster™ the high-quality, low cost home exercise pulley system with a webbing strap that fits over the top of any door.

Versa-FlexVersa-Flex™. STRENGTHENS using a beginning strength tubing with a plastic Thera-loop™ Handle and the Thera-Loop™ webbing door anchor.

ExBarExBar™. STRETCH with ExBar™, our lightweight and portable reaching and stretching wand.



Add to Cart#32SK.... RangeMaster ™ Shoulder Kit: $49.99


The #1 choice of professional sports teams, military, schools, physical therapy clinics and anyone who has injured and/ or weakened ankles. The Leg/Ankle Exerciser is the industry standard for lower leg & ankle progressive resistance exercise. It is the best ankle rehabilitation system in the industry simply because it works. Therapists prefer to work with known weights, rather than hydraulics for measuring a patient's success. The Leg/Ankle Exerciser performs load-resisting inversion, eversion, dorsi-flexion & plantar-flexion exercises. Proven effective in successfully strengthening and rehabilitating thousands of ankles.

Accessories included with 39LE125BK:

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Add to Cart#39LE125B..... LEG & ANKLE EXERCISER- Basic (no accessories): $625.00

Add to Cart#39LE125BK..... LEG & ANKLE EXERCISER with Accessories: $749.00