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Touch-Test® Sensory Evaluators

Touch-Test Sensory EvaluatorsEvaluate both Diminishing and Returning Sensation

Use these evaluators to test sensory levels and obtain objective data for accurate reporting on the status of diminishing or returning sensibility. Touch-Test® Sensory Evaluators are individually calibrated within a 5% standard deviation of a predetermined level of force. The monofilament bends when peak force threshold is reached.

The unique handle easily opens to a 90° angle for testing. When closed, the Sensory Evaluator can be carried safely in a pocket or carrying case, protecting the monofilament when not in use. Finger indentations on the handle provide a firm, comfortable hold. The Sensory Evaluator handles are marked with the corresponding color-coded pressure level.

Touch-Test Sensory EvaluatorsTouch-Test Sensory EvaluatorsEvaluation results can be recorded on the Hand or Foot Screening Forms (NC12750-1 and NC12749), sold separately. Thresholds include normal sensation, diminished light touch, diminished protective sensation, loss of protective sensation and deep pressure sensation only.

Available in a 5 Piece Hand Kit, a 6 Piece Foot Kit and a 20 Piece Full Kit. Each kit comes in a protective case. U.S. Patent 5,823,969.

These portable sensory evaluators are calibrated to within a 5% standard deviation of each target force.

Touch-Tests Specifications & Application

Ordering Information:

Add to Cart#NC12772..... Touch-Test® Hand Kit (5 Monofilaments):
. SALE: $109.95

Add to Cart#NC12773..... Touch-Test® Foot Kit (6 Monofilaments):
. SALE: $124.95

Add to Cart#NC12775-99..... Touch-Test®-Set of 20 Monofilaments:
. SALE: $369.00

Add to Cart#NC12775-14..... Touch-Test® Sensory Evaluator #5.07 (10 Grams):
$26.95. SALE: $24.95

Add to Cart#NC12750-1..... Hand Screening Forms for Touch-Test (100 Forms): $12.95

Add to Cart#NC12749..... Foot Screening Forms for Touch-Test (100 Forms): $12.95

Touch-Test™ Two-Point Discriminator

Two Point DiscriminatorAccurately Measures Innervation Density

Add to Cart#NC12776..... Touch-Test™ Two-Point Discriminator: $29.95. SALE: $26.95

Baseline 2-Point and 3-Point Discriminators (Aesthesiometers)

2 point discriminatorsEvaluate cutaneous sensitivity and touch threshold. Third point permits alternating between single and double point stimulation without changing setting. Plastic points minimize influence of temperature. Measures up to 14 centimeters. Made from Plastic




Add to Cart#12-1480..... Baseline 2-Point Discriminator: $37.00

Add to Cart#12-1481..... Baseline 3-Point Discriminator: $42.00

Neurological HammersNeurological Hammers

Add to Cart#3695..... Wartenberg Pinwheel: $14.90

Add to Cart#3697..... Babinski Hammer: $11.30

Add to Cart#3693..... Taylor Hammer (Orange): $5.39

Add to Cart#3691..... Buck Hammer: $8.99

Tuning ForksTuning Forks

Add to Cart#500128..... Tuning Fork w/fixed weight, 128cps Frequency: $12.72

Add to Cart#500256..... Tuning Fork w/fixed weight, 256cps Frequency: $12.73

Add to Cart#500512..... Tuning Fork w/o weight, 512cps Frequency: $10.60

Add to Cart#501024..... Tuning Fork w/o weight, 1024cps Frequency: $10.60

Add to Cart#502048..... Tuning Fork w/o weight, 2048cps Frequency: $10.60

Add to Cart#504096..... Tuning Fork w/o weight, 4096cps Frequency: $10.60