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Palpation Meter (PALM)

Palpation MeterThe Objective Way to Perform Skeletal Alignment Evaluations

The PALM combines the ease and proprioceptive advantages of palpation with the objectivity and reliability of caliper and inclinometer measurements.

A unique slide rule calculator gives you the height discrepancy between the two landmarks palpated in both centimeters and inches.

Palpation MeterA Typical Use: Differentiating between a Functional and a Structural Short Leg. The PALM will help you differentiate what part of the leg length inequality is structural and what part is functional.

Other Uses: Determining height discrepancies at landmarks. The PALM allows you to determine skeletal asymmetry and then locate the point of asymmetry by making measurements at various landmarks like: Medial Malleoli, Fibular Heads, AC Joints, Mastoid Processes, Gluteal Folds

One of three types of palpation tips can be selected depending on the shape and location of landmarks.

Add to Cart#19PALM..... Palpation Meter (PALM): $213.75

Posture Evaluation KitPosture Evaluation KitPosture Evaluation Kit

A complete postural evaluation program for keeping permanent records. Consists of a plastic posture grid, 25" x 48" that can be suspended from ceiling or wall bracket. Includes posture score sheets, suggested procedures, suspension cord and plumb bob for alignment. The desktop scanner with angle sight (included with kit) can be used for more precise posture appraisals.





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Scoliosis MeterBaseline Scoliosis Meter (Scoliometer)

Scoliosis MeterMeasurements can detect scoliosis and abnormal anteropostero curve. Also measures the unstable lumbosacral, cervical and thoracic curves. Scales in centimeters, inches, and degrees



Add to Cart#12-1091..... Baseline Scoliosis Meter- Scoliometer: $219.00

Large Anthropometer

Large AnthropometerAnthropometersThe Large Anthropometer has a range of 0 to 60 cm in 0.1 cm increments. Popular uses include measuring shoulder width, long bone length and chest depth for tracking growth and development of children or for use in motion analysis studies. Aluminum in construction, it uses a spring-loaded ball bearing in a sliding C-shaped arm to provide accurate and precise measurement

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Small Anthropometer

Small AnthropometerAnthropometersUse this Anthropometer for measuring wrist, elbow, knee and ankle widths as well as measuring smaller muscle masses like the bicep and calf. The Small Anthropometer has a range of 0 to 30 centimeters in 0.1 centimeter increments. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum and uses a spring loaded ball bearing in the sliding C-shaped arm to provide accurate, precise movement.

Add to Cart#1801291..... Anthropometer- Small: $155.00

Chest CaliperChest Caliper

This aluminum instrument accurately measures chest depth in inches or centimeters. Popular uses include measuring maximum chest expansion from resting to full inspiration. Range is from 0 to 24" in 0.50" graduations (0 to 60 cm with 2.0 cm graduations)



Add to Cart#1801140..... Chest Caliper: $95.00

Finger Circumference GaugeFinger Circumference Gauge

Measures as a direct readout of the circumference of a finger joint or digit. Ruler is transparent.




Add to Cart#087501..... Finger Circumference Gauge-Inches: $10.99

Add to Cart#087508..... Finger Circumference Gauge-centimeters: $10.99

Gulick Anthropometric TapeGulick Anthropometric TapeGulick Anthropometric Tape

Provides precise circumferential measurement for progressive Anthropometric exams, regardless of examiner's measurement techniques. Contains spring attachment for constant tension and precision. Tape measures in inches and centimeters.


Add to Cart#4192G..... Gulick Anthropometric Tape: $24.95