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Hydrocollator Heating Units

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Hydrocollator Heating Units

Hydrocollator Heating UnitsHydrocollator Heating Units remain the benchmark against which all others are judged. Durable and easy to maintain, these high quality stainless steel units provide a constant supply of temperature consistent HotPacs. Supplied ready for immediate use and requiring no special plumbing.

F: Hydrocollator Model E-1: Non-insulated and smaller than E-2, the E-1 is just right for small clinics and departments where Oversize HotPacs are not a concern.

E: Hydrocollator Model E-2: A smaller, non-insulated heating unit with the capacity for Overs1ze HotPacs

Information for Sales Tax

Add to Cart#092102...... Hydrocollator Heating Unit Model E-1: $444.72 SALE: $360.22

Add to Cart#092802..... Hydrocollator Heating Unit Model E-2: $901.87 SALE: $710.48

Hydrocollator Heating UnitsFeatures for Models SS-2, M-2, M-4

A: Hydrocollator Model SS-2: Versatility for the smaller department or clinic.

B: Hydrocollator Model M-2: Most popular intermediate-size unit.

C: Hydrocollator Model M-4: Largest mobile heating unit.

Information for Sales Tax

Add to Cart#092302..... Hydrocollator Heating Unit Model SS-2*: $1,446.68 SALE: $1,128.41

Add to Cart#092402...... Hydrocollator Heating Unit Model M-2*: $1,634.21 SALE: $1,274.69

Add to Cart#092502...... Hydrocollator Heating Unit Model M-4*: $2,973.73 SALE: $2,319.51

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Accessories for Hydrocollator Heating Units

Wall Mounted Towel Rack: This stainless steel rack provides a convenient way to dry or store towels, terry covers or slings: Rack Size: 2"x33"

Hydrocollator Dial Thermometer: Makes it easy to monitor temp. in heating and chilling units. Stainless Steel. Displays in °F and °C: Temp Ranges: 10-220°F and 50-100°C .

Model TM-1 Lotion Warmer: Keeps massage lotion and ultrasound get at a comfortable temperature. Wall Mounted Towel Rack Hydrocollator Dial Thermometer  Model TM-1 Lotion Warmer  

Add to Cart#094016..... Wall Mounted Towel Rack for Hydrocollator: $58.61

Add to Cart#094228..... Dial Thermometer for use with Hydrocollator: $16.71

Add to Cart#094012..... Model TM-1 Lotion Warmer: $224.24