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Baseline Pneumatic (Squeeze Bulb) Hand Dynamometer

Baseline Pneumatic Hand DynamometerThe BaselineĀ® squeeze (bulb) dynamometer is the inexpensive way to reliably measure hand and finger strength. The dynamometer is available with a maximum force indicator (reset) that remains at the maximum reading until reset. Unit is calibrated in PSI (pounds-per-square inch).

Add to Cart#12-0291..... Baseline Bulb Dynamometer (30 PSI): $75.00. SALE: $69.00

Add to Cart#12-0293..... Baseline Bulb Dynamometer (15 PSI): $75.00. SALE: $69.00

JAMAR Hand DynamometerJAMAR Hand Dynamometer

Ideal for routine screening and evaluating hand trauma and disease. Virtually leak proof hydraulics and isometric design ensure accurate, reproducible results. Shock- resistant rubber cap protects stainless-steel gauge; wrist strap prevents accidental damage when dropped. Comes complete with instructions and carrying/storage case. Rubber gauge cap contains Latex

The JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer combines precision with convenient features:


Add to Cart#085030J1..... JAMAR Hand Dynamometer: $349.95. SALE: $279.95

Jamar Plus Digital Hand DynamometerJamar Plus+ Digital Hand Dynamometer

Ideal for routine screening of grip strength and initial and ongoing evaluation of clients with hand trauma and dysfunction. Sturdy aluminum body construction with scratch resistant UV coating. The readout displays isometric grip force from 0- 200 lbs. (90 kg.). The unit's easy-to-read LCD display can be set to display pounds or kilograms. The dynamometer also features digital load cell technology, Rapid Exchange Testing with audible signals, and automatically calculates the Average, Standard Deviation, and Coefficient of Variation. Two minute auto-off feature helps conserve battery power. Battery low life indicator. Requires two AAA batteries included. Comes in a reusable storage container.

Add to Cart#08563213..... Jamar Plus Digital Hand Dynamometer: $359.95. SALE: $299.95

Baseline Hand DynamometerBaseline Hand Dynamometer

The Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer gives accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to "feel" the handle move. The results are consistent with published Baseline and JamarĀ® studies. The internationally accepted design assures reliability, user convenience and measure ment repeatability. The five position adjustable handle can accommodate any hand size. The maximum reading remains until the unit is reset. The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms. Each dynamometer comes in a molded carrying case.

The 200 pound (90kg.) Baseline hand dynamometer is available with a standard or HiRes (large head) gauge. The large head has more measurement gradations and is easier to read.

The extended-range heavy-duty model can measure grip strength up to 300lbs/135kg. The 300 lb. (135kg.) Baseline hand dynamometer is only available with a HiRes large head.

Add to Cart#12-0240..... Baseline Hand Dynamometer- 200 lb-Standard Head: $325.00. SALE: $252.00

Add to Cart#12-0243..... Baseline Hand Dynamometer- 200 lb- HiRes Large Head: $350.00. SALE: $270.00

Add to Cart#12-0246..... Baseline Hand Dynamometer- 300 lb- HiRes Large Head: $375.00. SALE: $315.00

Baseline Digital Hand DynamometerBaseline Digital Hand Dynamometer

The 300 lb. (135 kg) Baseline digital hand dynamometer uses the same hydraulic system but has the added advantage of an easy-to-read LCD display. Features an electronic zero calibration system, a power management system that assures at least 1000 hours of use without changing the 2 "AAA" batteries, a low battery light, and an automatic shut off. Push button console includes a button to zero the last maximum reading stored in memory, a maximum button to display the highest reading since the last press of the maximum clear button, and a lb./kg. toggle button to change the measurement reading.

Add to Cart#12-0247..... Baseline Digital Hand Dynamometer- 300 lb: $725.00. SALE: $589.00

JAMAR Norms Wall ChartJAMAR Norms Wall Chart

This handy Jamar wall chart is a great addition to any clinic. Large print displays the normative grip strength data for individuals from 6 to 75+ years old as collected by Virgil Mathiowetz, et al. using a Jamar Hand Dynamometer. Instructions for proper testing procedures are also included. Laminated, high quality, heavy paper with metal grommets in each top corner assures many years of use from this chart. Measures 18"Wx24"L (46x61cm)


Add to Cart#08560656..... JAMAR Norms Wall Chart: $34.99