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DURA-STICK Plus Self-Adhesive Reusable Electrodes

(For use with TENS & Electric Stimulators)

Dura Stick Electrodes 2x3.5Dura Stick Electrodes 2" RoundDura Stick Electrodes 2x2Features advanced leadwire technology. This new leadwire is comprised of stainless steel fibers, which are very flexible and provide excellent conductivity. This in combination with thin carbon film and a newly patented multi-stick adhesive gel, make the Dura-Stick Plus a very comfortable and durable electrode. For use with TENS devices.


Add to Cart#0942183..... DURA-STICK Plus Electrodes: 2"x2" (4/bag): $5.80

Add to Cart#0942182..... DURA-STICK Plus Electrodes: 2" Round (4/bag): $5.80

Add to Cart#0942181..... DURA-STICK Plus Electrodes: 2"x3.5" (4/bag): $7.59

EMG Electrodes (Triple- Electrode) for Biofeedback

EMG Electrodes(Not for use with Pathway EMG Systems)




Add to Cart#153ST3..... EMG Electrodes (Triple- Electrode): $63.00

Conductor Transmission GelConductor™ Transmission Gel

Highly-conductive gel with the quality and consistency that make it a pleasure to use



Add to Cart#094248..... Conductor Transmission Gel-9 oz. Bottle (24): $56.76

Add to Cart#094238..... Conductor Transmission Gel-5 Liter Container: $19.78

Nylatex® WrapsNylatex® Wraps

Ideal for holding Cold Packs and Hot Packs. Also can be used to hold Electrodes in Electro Therapy. Good for hundreds of uses.





Add to Cart#091204..... Nylatex Wrap 2½"x36" (each): $8.98

Add to Cart#091206..... Nylatex Wrap 2½"x48" (each): $12.03