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Intelect Legend Electric StimulatorIntelect Legend Electric Stimulator

Informaiton for Sales Tax


Add to Cart#09INT002..... Intelect Legend Electric Stimulator- 2 channel: $3,358.17 SALE: $2,619.37

Add to Cart#097560..... Intelect Legend Electric Stimulator- 4 channel: $4,282.44 SALE: $3,340.30

Intelect TranSport Electric Stimulator (On-the-Go Electrotherapy)


Informaiton for Sales Tax

Add to Cart#092783..... Intelect TranSport Electric Stimulator: $2,411.13. SALE: $1,880.68

Add to Cart#0927478..... Battery Pack for Intelect TranSport (optional): $273.43

Add to Cart#092780ASY..... Therapy Cart for Intelect TransPort (optional): $355.24

Add to Cart#092884..... Transport Cart Adapter (Required with Cart Order): $84.20

Add to Cart#0927467..... Carry Bag for Intelect TranSport (optional): $113.93

Intelect Legend XT Electric Stimulator

Specifications for Intelect Legend XT Therapy System

Information for Sales Tax

Add to Cart#092763..... Intelect Legend XT Electric Stimulator- 2 channel: $2,866.57 SALE: $2,235.92

Add to Cart#092786K..... Intelect Legend XT Electric Stimulator- 4 channel: $3,616.70 SALE: $2,821.03

Add to Cart#092793K..... Intelect Legend XT Electric Stimulator- 2 channel with Cart: $3,348.79 SALE: $2,612.05

Add to Cart#092797K..... Intelect Legend XT Electric Stimulator- 4 channel with Cart: $4,072.13 SALE: $3,176.26

Sys*Stim 226 Electric StiumulatorSys*Stim® 226- 2 Channel Electric Stimulator

The Mettler Sys*Stim 226 provides the flexibility to meet virtually any clinical need and has unprecedented ease of operation. Clinicians can choose from a broad range of waveforms, including Interferential, Pre-modulation, Medium Frequency and Biphasic with adjustable phase duration and frequency. Additional versatility is provided by a selection of treatment modes that include Surge, Reciprocation, Surge with Reciprocation and Vector Rotation. The Sys*Stim 226 can be set up in the two-timer mode so two separate treatment protocols may be run simultaneously.



Add to Cart#ME226..... Sys*Stim® 226 (2 Channel) Electric Stimulator: $1,717.00. SALE: $1,440.97

Sys*Stim® 294- 4 Channel Electric Stimulator

Sys*Stim 294 Electric StimulatorThe Mettler Sys*Stim 294 is a four channel neuromuscular stimulator with six stimulation waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency, Biphasic, High Volt and Microcurrent. Up to four different treatment protocols may be run simultaneously giving maximum treatment flexibility. The Sys*Stim 294 has soft-touch control knobs to allow the clinician to adjust the stimulation intensity with confidence.

Add to Cart#ME294..... Sys*Stim® 294 (4 Channel) Electric Stimulator: $3,662.00. SALE: $2,772.78

Sys*Stim® 208A Low Volt 2-Channel Stimulator

Sys*Stim 208A Electric StimulatorThe Mettler Sys*Stim 208A is a two-channel, low-volt stimulator with Surge, Pulse, Tetanize and Reciprocation modes. It has easy-to-operate knobs that control stimulation intensity and frequency, a digital timer and a remote patient cut-off switch. It is a small, portable stimulator with a clinical appearance.




Add to Cart#ME208A..... Sys*Stim® 208A (2 Channel) Low Volt Stimulator: $747.00. SALE: $669.00

Intelect IFC Portable Interferential Stimulator

Intelect IFC Interferential StimulatorFor Symptomatic Relief and Management of Chronic Pain and Acute Post-Surgical or Post-Trauma Pain.



Add to Cart#0977719..... Intelect IFC Portable Interferential Stimulator: $238.43 SALE: $179.00

Intelect Digital Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator (NMES)

Intelect Neuromuscular Electrical StimulatorFor the Prevention of Disuse Atrophy as well as Muscle Re-Education, Increasing Range of Motion and Increasing Circulation



Add to Cart#0977717..... Intelect Digital Neuromuscular Stimulator (NMES): $143.68 SALE: $109.00

Trio*Stim Neuromuscular StimulatorTrio*Stim™ Portable Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator (NMES)

The Mettler Trio*Stim is a portable battery-operated, neuromuscular electrical stimulator featuring three therapeutic modes: TENS, Muscle Stimulation and Microcurrent. This two-channel unit allows you to provide a device for pain control with either TENS or Microcurrent stimulation or you can use the same device for muscle rehabilitation, re-education and spasm reduction.



Add to Cart#ME215..... Trio*Stim Portable Neuromuscular Stimulator: $565.00. SALE: $462.65

DURA-STICK Plus Self-Adhesive Reusable Electric Stimulation Electrodes

(For use with TENS & Electric Stimulators)

Dura Stick Electrodes 2x3.5Dura Stick Electrodes 2" RoundDura Stick Electrodes 2x2Features advanced leadwire technology. This new leadwire is comprised of stainless steel fibers, which are very flexible and provide excellent conductivity. This in combination with thin carbon film and a newly patented multi-stick adhesive gel, make the Dura-Stick Plus a very comfortable and durable electrode. For use with TENS devices


Add to Cart#0942183..... DURA-STICK Plus Electrodes: 2"x2" (4/bag): $5.80

Add to Cart#0942182..... DURA-STICK Plus Electrodes: 2" Round (4/bag): $5.80

Add to Cart#0942181..... DURA-STICK Plus Electrodes: 2"x3.5" (4/bag): $7.59