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Hand Steadiness TesterHand Steadiness Tester- Hole Type

The subject's task is to hold a metal-tipped stylus in 9 progressively smaller hole sizes without touching the sides. The effects on steadiness of right vs. left, exercise, smoking, alcohol ingestion and other factors can be observed.

** A Counter is required for testing. See below for 1858024C Counter **

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Two Arm Coordination TestTwo Arm Coordination Test

This is a test of motor coordination and learning which requires both arms to work together. The subject's task is to move the metal pointer around the anodized star pattern without leaving the pattern.

** A Counter is required for testing. See below for 1858024C Counter **

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Auto-Scoring Mirror TracerAuto-Scoring Mirror Tracer

This tracing device involves reversal ability, hand-eye coordination and learning. Subject is required to trace the star pattern while watching only its mirror image. This automated unit comes with an impulse counter which counts every time the metal-tipped stylus leaves the anodized star pattern. Includes Pegboard and Round Pegs, Graded Pegboard, Pegboard with Square Pegs, instruction manual with screening procedures and post-test forms (1858024C Counter included).




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Impulse CounterImpulse Counter

This battery-operated impulse counter works noiselessly, thus eliminating any cues given by other counters' clicks. The 6-digit LCD display can record over 50 counts per second. Activated by contact closure across the front panel binding posts. Can be used with the following equipment:

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PDMS-2 (Peabody Developmental Motor Scales and Activity Cards)- 2nd Edition

PDMS-2The PDMS-2 is an early childhood motor development program that provides both in-depth assessment and training or remediation of gross and fine motor skills. The assessment is composed of six subtests that measure interrelated motor abilities that develop early in life. It is designed to assess the motor skills of children from birth through 6 years of age. Reliability and validity have been determined empirically. The normative sample consisted of 2,003 persons residing in 46 states. The PDMS-2 can be used by occupational therapists, physical therapists, diagnosticians, early intervention specialists, adapted physical education teachers, psychologists, and others who are interested in examining the motor abilities of young children.

New Features in the PDMS-2: Psychometrically, the second edition of the PDMS has improved in the following ways:

All the new normative data were collected in the winter of 1997 and the spring of 1998

Characteristics of the normative sample relative to geography, gender, race, and other critical variables are the same as those reported in the Statistical Abstract of the United States (U.S. Bureau of Census, 1997) and are therefore representative of the current U.S. Population.

The normative information has been stratified by age.

Studies showing the absence of gender and racial bias have been added.

Reliability coefficients were computed for subgroups of the normative sample (e.g. individuals with motor disabilities, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, females, and males) as well as for the entire normative sample.

New validity studies have been conducted; special attention has been devoted to showing that the test is valid for a wide variety of subgroups as well as for the general population.

Each item was evaluated using both conventional item analyses to choose "good" statistical items and the new differential item functioning analyses to find biased items.

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Dynamic LOTCA™ Battery (Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment)

The Dynamic LOTCA™ is a series of cognitive tests that enables a therapist to evaluate clients with neurological deficits in order to obtain a detailed cognitive profile, enabling intervention planning for management and maintenance. DLOTCA™ builds off the research used to develop the original LOTCA™ series and incorporates a dynamic component providing the ability to measure learning potential and recognize thinking strategies through the use of mediation. In addition, it enables the therapist to identifythe level of awareness the client has to his/her condition and cognitive disability.

DLOTCADLOTCA™Designed to beused with clients aged 18-69 years old. It consists of 28 subtests in 7 cognitive areas: Orientation, Awareness, Visual Perception, Spatial Perception, Praxis, Visuomotor Construction and Thinking Operations.


DLOTCA-G™ (for Geriatric Use) Designed to be used DLOTCA-G Geriatricwith clients aged 70 and over and specifically addresses physical and mental factors that can accompany aging by offering larger components, reduced pictorial detail, multiple choice questions, and shorter administration time. Consists of 24 subtests in 8 cognitive areas: Orientation, Awareness, Visual Perception, Spatial Perception, Praxis, Visuomotor Construction, Thinking Operations and Memory.

Each version was designed to provide standardized testing procedures and established norms for systematic data collection in cognitive assessment. Published studies are available upon request.

DLOTCA/DLOCTA-G Manual Authors: Noomi Katz, PhD, OTR, Liat Livni, MSc, OT, Asnat Bar-Haim Erez, PhD, OT, Sarah Averbuch, MSc, OT.

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DOTCA-Ch™ Battery (Dynamic Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment for Children)

DOTCAProvides a measure of cognitive assessment and learning potential for children ages 6-12 with special needs. It consists of 22 sub-tests in 5 cognitive areas: Orientation, Spatial Perception, Praxis, Visuomotor Construction and Thinking Operations. For each sub-test there is an option of a structured 5-step mediation. Measures of short-term memory and time of performance are included in the visuomotor organization area.

The goals of the assessment are to identify the strengths and deficits of the child in the different cognitive areas and measure learning potential, as well as to recognize the child's thinking strategies utilizing dynamic procedures.

Data for typical children ages 6-12 years, groups of children with learning disabilities and brain injury was collected to establish the standardization, reliability and validity properties of the test.

Administration time is approximately 1½ hours. It is possible to administer the test in more than one session.

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BaFPE™ (Bay Area Functional Performance Evaluation)

BaFPEA two-part, behavorially-anchored assessment designed to assess how a client may function in task-oriented and social interactional settings.

The Task Oriented Assessment (TOA) utilizes five tasks in which twelve functional parameters in cognitive, performance, and affective areas are rated. Observations about specific cognitive and neuropsychological functioning are made during each task.

The Social Interaction Scale (SIS) measures the level of social competency through assessment of seven areas of social functioning via observation in five different social situations. These situations are observed in activities that are generally part of any therapeutic milieu program.

The BaFPE™ has been used in inpatient and outpatient settings to evaluate the functional performance of psychiatric, brain injured, geriatric, or developmentally disabled adults as well as adolescents in treatment or special education settings. It can be used for treatment, discharge planning, documentation and outcome studies.

The manual includes reliability and validity studies as well as a bibliography of over 30 publications or research studies, addressing the continued validation of the BaFPE™ with various populations. The kit includes a loose leaf binder containing a manual of background information, directions for administering the TOA and the SIS, administration forms, rating guides and worksheets. Also includes a set of sea shells, set of design blocks and associated items.

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Visual Perception Assessment Program

Visual Perception Assessment ProgramMeasures a child's basic level of function in the areas of color identification, shape and size discrimination, eye-hand coordination, understanding of spatial relationships, and ability to follow verbal instructions. Includes Pegboard and Round Pegs, Graded Pegboard, Pegboard with Square Pegs, instruction manual with screening procedures and post-test forms.

The Visual Perception Assessment Program is not only an excellent diagnostic tool, but it also provides an involving fun-filled way for a child to learn and grow.

Objective of the Program: To test and develop the following skills:

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